Integrated Development Environment


Development, Security and Operations is at the centre of what makes Portal great. From the moment you begin using Portal, your application is secure, as the entire authentication / authorisation pipeline is managed by Portal.

Using the principle of least privilege, Portal authenticates and authorises users constantly, superimposing expirable roles on users, such that no role is ever “held”, but rather “granted” on each call, resulting in a robust security layer.

Change Control

Make changes and watch how Snowflake, Portals Artificial Intelligence, implements your changes in real-time. With full change control configuration, you define the development lifecycle, such as quality assurance and user acceptance testing, and changes are only rolled out to end users once signed off by stakeholders.

Patch Management

Using Portal to develop your own product line? With patch management, any changes you make during development will automatically be chronicled by Snowflake, Portals Artificial Intelligence, resulting in an update that gets automatically rolled out to all your customers.

What’s inside:

With these features and more, why not contact us today to see how Portals Integrated Development Environment can improve your development process.

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