Asset Performance Management

What is Asset Performance Management (APM)?

Asset Performance Management (APM) increases asset utilization, identifying underperforming assets, extending your equipment's life, and improving equipment reliability and availability.

APM is different from Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in that it includes predictive maintenance, online condition monitoring, condition-based maintenance, reliability centred maintenance, and risk-based maintenance. With the use of APM, you can optimize existing maintenance strategies.

Asset Performance Management within Portal

Portal combines Asset Performance Management with Enterprise Asset Management to improve the performance of your assets and maximize your return on investments across the asset's lifecycle. APM combined with EAM allows your organisation to drive predictive maintenance over reactive maintenance, improving the reliability and availability of your organisation's assets while minimizing risk and operating costs.

APM is proven to reduce unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Implementing an effective APM strategy is more than installing a series of IoT devices that monitor and track your assets, APM is an integrated, connected solution that enables your organisation to drive safer, more reliable operations while facilitating optimal performance at a lower cost.

What’s inside:

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