Application Development

Build business applications fast, efficiently, effortlessly and professionally. With Portal, every developer transforms into a superhero team thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

Application Development

Use a development environment that’s integrated directly into your applications so that changes are immediately available to users, and thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, you’ll write little to no code, allowing you to instead focus on the task at hand.

You too could become a superhero by making Portal part of your development team today!

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

With the lines between business intelligence and data analytics becoming more and more blurred as technology improves, Portal business intelligence and data analytics helps make sense of your data.

Create immersive dashboards that communicate the story visually, allowing decision makers to drill deep into the data with personalised dashboards, gaining informative insights into events as they occur, and empowering them to make data-driven decisions that drive business results.

Some key features include:

  • Drillable Key Performance Indicators
  • Drillable Pie Charts
  • Drillable Graphs

Whether you need historical statistics, real-time information as it happens, or predictive insights for the future, with Portal, you’ll always be well informed.


Provide stakeholders with professional looking reports and provide insights, incorporating graphs and pie charts.

Portal lets you:

  • Create reports that lets your data speak to viewers
  • Easily share your reports with stakeholders
  • Automate delivery of time sensitive reports
  • Access reports from any device

Design, customize, and edit reports within Portal hassle free using artificial intelligence; or create reports using your favourite authoring tool as Portal supports open standards. Report your numbers confidently from a single source of truth, without having to worry about stale, static spreadsheets.

Artificial Intelligence

With the power of artificial intelligence behind everything we build, we’ve learnt that instead of fearing AI, we should embrace it as an integral member of our team. From attentively overseeing compliance, to aiding every member of your organisation reach their full potential, artificial intelligence will become integral in everything we do.

Instead of trying to disrupt, we believe in focusing on how AI can help make each individual more productive, taking care of menial and repetitive tasks, and freeing us to do the more important and interesting tasks to achieve greater levels of success and job satisfaction.

Document Management

Upload, track and manage your documents with a robust enterprise document management system. Complete with security management and version control, know who’s accessing which document when and track changes over time.

Portal goes beyond standard documents and gives you a complete cloud-based file system. With an extensively configurable file management system, backups are a thing of the past, your documents will always be retrievable thanks to Portals proprietary distributed file system.

Files are encrypted both in transit and at rest, so rest assured your files are safe and confidential. Incorporating a fresh way to share files with various teams without risking security or duplication, say farewell to having to keep files manually in sync between departments.


Multilanguage at the core, Portal employs a proprietary data structure which stores all data in multilanguage format thanks to the incredible power of artificial intelligence, allowing users to enter data in their native language, and have another user retrieve the same record in their own language of choice.

A key requirement for facility managers who operate across various cultures and languages.


Operate in all currencies globally in real-time, or report on a fixed point in time. Portal understands multicurrency and will give you the Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) for any given date in the past as well as Buy/Bid, Sell/Ask and mid-market rates up to the second.

Define various points in time depending on your needs, fix one rate for your date of invoice and another for your exchange, resulting in automatic calculation of rate-of-exchange profit / loss.

Time Zones

Work across time zones with ease; create, view, edit and report in either your current time-zone or the time-zone of where the record is located.

Update records in Singapore from your office in New York and have Portal automatically manage the time-zone calculations for you, reducing human error and increasing efficiency.

SMS and VMS Notifications

Send an SMS to an individual’s phone and know exactly when it was delivered.

Got something that needs urgent attention? Let Portal phone the mobile device using the latest advances in artificial intelligence and neural linguistics, detecting whether the call was answered or if it went to voicemail; Portal will speak in the language, dialect and in the masculine or feminine tone of the callee and record and report on their response.

E-Mail Notifications

Send professional looking e-mails with Portals HTML editor instead of plain text e-mails. Increase customer awareness, perception and satisfaction of your organisation and increase service delivery experience thanks to Portals powerful e-mail capabilities.

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, track, measure and send e-mails for absolutely anything within Portal either conditionally or timely.

Experience Management

Surveys are a great way to engage your customers and get feedback from them. Gain insights into what your customers think, need and most importantly – what they want.

Features include:

  • Get product feedback
  • Conduct market research
  • Receive customer experience responses
  • Gauge employee satisfaction

Raise surveys based on events throughout Portal or create your own and see what people think of your product, service or environment. Then analyse the information and gain valuable insights on where you could improve.

Integrated Development Environment


Development, Security and Operations is at the centre of what makes Portal great. From the moment you begin using Portal, your application is secure, as the entire authentication / authorisation pipeline is managed by Portal.

Using the principle of least privilege, Portal authenticates and authorises users constantly, superimposing expirable roles on users, such that no role is ever “held”, but rather “granted” on each call, resulting in a robust security layer.

Change Control

Make changes and watch how Snowflake, Portals Artificial Intelligence, implements your changes in real-time. With full change control configuration, you define the development lifecycle, such as quality assurance and user acceptance testing, and changes are only rolled out to end users once signed off by stakeholders.

Patch Management

Using Portal to develop your own product line? With patch management, any changes you make during development will automatically be chronicled by Snowflake, Portals Artificial Intelligence, resulting in a patch file that gets automatically rolled out to all your customers.

Some highlighted features include...

Continuous Integration

Changes are deployed continuously within the development lifecycle in a completely transparent way and overseen by Snowflake.

Continuous Delivery

Changes signed off by stakeholders are transparently deployed to customers, based on their selected deployment cadence, in a completely automated process.

With these features and more, why not contact us today to see how Portals Integrated Development Environment can improve your development process.

Rapid Application Development

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Portal Rapid Application Development or RAD, is a development tool that enables you to build more products and features you need with a unified look and feel. With Portal RAD you get a cost-effective solution that allows you to pay usage based enabling you to use as many products and features as you want.

With a built-in website designer, you can build, design and manage your website and with pre-defined built in themes and widgets it has never been easier for you to build your dream website.

RAD includes a powerful workflow automation tool, allowing you to streamline tasks within your organisation. Enable your organisation to integrate into other products and solutions seamlessly with flexible API’s that are easy to use.

Design your own tables with Data Structure designer, which includes a seamless integration process and with Artificial intelligence you can ensure your tables are managed and maintained. Extensibility designer allows you to add additional fields to pre-existing data tables, while still allowing you to report with ease.

Manage and maintain your reports with report manager, which allows you to create new reports from screens and tables you have created, as well as standardise your reports to have the same unified look and feel.

With Portal RAD if you can dream it you can build it, why not contact us today for more information to see how Portal RAD can turn your ideas into reality.

Build business applications fast, efficiently, effortlessly and professionally thanks to the incredible power of Snowflake, Portals Artificial Intelligence. Define the design of your application and watch Snowflake build your application in front of your very eyes. With Portal Rapid Application Development, if you can dream it, you can build it!

Data Structure Designer

Design your data structure using Portals proprietary relational database designer and let Snowflake manage all the heavy lifting, creating your tables, triggers, foreign keys and check constraints automatically.

Build your indexes with Snowflake and they’ll monitor your indexes performance and can either suggest optimisations, or apply them automatically.

Screen Designer

Snowflake will automatically render your screens based off your designs, you’ll simply move the fields where you’d prefer, using drag-n-drop within Portals graphical user interface (GUI).

Configure the functionality of your screen using intuitive and compelling options, and connect screens together, creating complex enterprise applications with little to no programming.

Extensibility Designer

Need to add a new field to a pre-built module? Add additional fields to your screens with ease thanks to Snowflake, Portals Artificial Intelligence. Simply request the fields you need and watch how Snowflake creates your fields in real-time, and places them onto your screen without needing any custom code.

And because Snowflake manages your patch cadence, they’ll ensure that all your changes are correctly merged into any patches that get deployed from your service provider. No intervention required!

Application Programming Interface (API)

Integrate external applications with Portals standardised API with ease. All exposed endpoints are protected by Portals Cyber Defence and Intelligence Engine, ensuring all access requests are authenticated and authorised.

Designed Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) endpoints are immediately available thanks to Snowflake.

Some highlighted features include...

With these features and more, why not contact us today to see how Portal Rapid Application Development can improve your development process.

Enterprise Low-code / No-code

Portal isn't simply a low-code / no-code development platform, it's a comprehensive enterprise-grade rapid application development solution, complete with its own integrated development environment. Build complex business applications fast, efficiently, effortlessly and professionally thanks to the incredible power of Snowflake, Portals Artificial Intelligence. Define the design of your application and watch Snowflake build your application in front of your very eyes.

Some highlighted features include...

With these features and more, why not contact us today to see how Portal Integrated Development Environment can improve your development process.

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