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Our passion is to serve our customers well. That means great products and great service with zero compromise. Whether you are looking for web based services like a faster internet connection, a hosted PBX, an awesome website that gets you customers or a system to manage your company – we have you covered. Regardless if you're a fortune 500 or a small business just starting up, you're in good hands.

Specialists in developing enterprise grade applications, Crowded Igloo is perfectly aligned with the needs of our customers and partners. In addition to developing Portal, our flagship product, we also make extensive use of it to develop our own line of applications, making us our own biggest customer. That means more features you won't be able to live without and a user interface that's highly polished, user friendly and productivity driven.

Our services are divided into two main categories, Portal Software Services and Cloud / Hosted Services. To continue your journey, select one of the options below.

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