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Integrated Workplace Management or IWM helps your organisation with the challenges in facilities and property management.

Simplify your processes and automate process flows with IWM. With user-friendly scheduling screens for maintenance planning, resource allocation, and room reservations, you can manage the planning of all your resources in one place.

IWM will bring transparency in all things that matter, with a solution that supports and connects facilities and real estate management by integrating key processes in a single solution. Giving you insights into your data, allows you to have more control, as a result of workflow management, automated alerts, and performance dashboards.

IWM brings in agility as it includes scenario planning, management information, and analytics to assist in the decision-making process and assists in fast adaptation to change in a compliant way.

IWM professionalizes your business, by integrating data processes, customers, and specialists in a single solution. With these features and more you can ensure your business requirements are met with our IWM solution, contact us today to see how Portal can take your business to the next level.

What is Integrated Workplace Management (IWM)?

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) help organisations optimize the use of workplace resources, including the management of a company’s real estate, infrastructure and facilities assets.

Real estate and facilities management costs make up more than 15% of an organisation’s total costs. An IWMS can enable your decision makers reduce real estate and facility costs significantly and increase business productivity. An IWMS can benefit your organisation by increasing efficiency, transparency, flexibility and customer satisfaction in your facility management process.

Deployment of an IWMS can have the following benefits in your organisation:

  • Improve energy consumption by 10%
  • Improve facility usage efficiency by 42%
  • Reduce facility maintenance costs by 14%
  • Improve workspace management by up to 40%
  • Reduce enterprise asset lifecycle costs by up to 30%

Integrated Workplace Management (IWM) within Portal

Integrated Workplace Management (IWM) within Portal is a comprehensive solution to manage your real estate, facilities assets and infrastructure. Using Integrated Workplace Management (IWM) within Portal gives you the ability to achieve these cost, consumption and usage savings.

Create an optimal workplace experience that delivers the right spaces, amenities and services, resulting in a more productive workplace experience while achieving cost, consumption and usage savings.

Capture occupancy data to generate insights into optimal space utilisation and deploy a reservation system that minimizes conflicts.

What’s inside:

With these key features and more available why not contact us today for more information on how Portal Integrated Workplace Management can help you.

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