The Flagship Product from Crowded Igloo. Portal is truly a revolution in Data and Content Management. Built for use on Microsoft SQL Server, you simply install Portal into the Database and begin designing rich line of business applications for your database. Portal is Web Based, so there's no client to install and is accessible from anywhere on the web.

Key Features of Portal

  • Flexible.
  • Web-architected, no installation required.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Customizable product branding from top to bottom.
  • Unified look and feel across all product ranges.
  • High returns on investment.
  • Shortened development cycle.
  • Replace or extend existing products.
  • Host multiple products in a single unified system.
  • Single sign-on which also integrates with Windows Active Directory.
  • Global access to the system and any sub systems through a unified user interface.
  • All products are interlinked as required (e.g. Global Customer Base across all products).
  • Support for opening multiple instance of the product within a single unified page. Simply tab between different instances. It even supports different log-ins between instances.

Documentation System

  • Easily share documents with teams.
  • Check out and check in capabilities.
  • Version History.
  • Installable workspace application allowing offline file manipulation.
  • Online web portal allowing document viewing, uploading and downloading.
  • Integrate documentation into any product module (e.g. Employee or Sales documents).
  • Integrates into Mail system for notifications of changes to documents.

Low cost of ownership

  • No need for high priced developers.
  • No tech support costs.
  • Host either on premise on in the cloud.
  • Monthly upgrades included in license fees.
  • Highly skilled DBA’s, DBD’s and Screen Designers available on either a monthly or ad hoc plan.
Business Software Price (excl. VAT) Price (incl. VAT)
Portal Small Business Edition (2 Named User CAL’s) R99900 R1 14885
Portal Business Edition (5 Named User CAL’s) R1 99900 R2 29885
BE Client Access Licences (5 Named User CAL’s) R99900 R1 14885
Portal Professional Edition (10 Named User CAL’s) R9 99900 R11 49885
PE Client Access Licences (1 Named User CAL’s) R99900 R1 14885
High Availability Clustering (First Server) 25% R1 14000 R1 31160
High Availability Clustering (Application Server) 10% R5 70000 R6 55500
Interface Access Licence (Per Interface) R49900 R57385

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