Field Services and Job Management

Managing Employees out in the field is never easy, missed appointments and communication are always an issue, not to mention the costs involved in manually managing the process. Crowded Igloo Field Services will assist you in being able to schedule appointments for your field staff whilst notifying them of any changes in their schedules while on the road. We will also assist you in managing your invoice process to ensure that invoices reach your customers as quickly as possible to ensure prompt payment.

Employees can request appointments be rescheduled directly from the field if, for example, they are running late with the customer they are currently with. Customers will be rescheduled earlier and most importantly, without needing to contact you to find out where your staff are.

Staff can request quotes online and are able to get customers to sign off quicker on work, thereby more often than not, eliminating the need to return on another occasion to either start a new job or complete an existing job that was stopped because of an unforeseen cost. Jobs requiring multiple different trade teams will be better managed to ensure that one team does not arrive to commence work before another team has completed their work first. For example, let us say that you own a pool company and that a client has requested you place a pool in their yard:

  • First, the digging team is required to dig out the swimming pool
  • Second, the construction team is needed to build or place the pool

The construction team can't possibly commence their work till the hole has been dug. Let us say that the construction team completed their work earlier than expected at the customer they were at. According to their schedule, they are to go build the pool, but because the digging team has not yet completed their hole, the construction team sees that they will not be able to commence work and therefore are able to select another job from their list. Thereby costs were saved due to the construction team not needlessly traveling to the site, they did not wait idle and more importantly, they were able to start another job and increase revenue.

Managing your employee’s workloads can often times be a daunting task. Ensuring jobs are automatically tracked from the moment you receive a customer's request is critical to success in today's busy world. Crowded Igloo can assist you, from creating your jobs, all the way through to closing, invoicing and very importantly, payment.

In over 80% of clients assisted, the 2 most critical losses to their business was firstly, missing or uncaptured job cards and secondly, invoices that are never even generated for work that was carried out. In ALL cases, the losses saved through using our job management system per month, far exceeds the cost of the software per month.

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