Facilities Management

Managing Facilities of all sizes, whether a single floor space area within an office block, or a multi-block towering behemoth with multi-story parkades and hundreds of boardrooms, auditoriums and sports facilities.

With over a decade of experience in facilities management, we know what it takes to keep the lights on. From Hospitals, to massive interlinked blocks of buildings, we've helped our clients realize measurable cost savings through good management practices. Whether you are required to manage the parking bays available to your building, interfacing with the security systems to allow access to the building, or ensuring venues are booked and cleaned between sessions, our facilities management system will ensure you always meet your service level agreements with time to spare.

From cleaning services to catering services, we can help you stay on top of things with extension modules like inspections or early problem notification. Waiting for the client to notify you of a problem is never a good way to build a trusting relationship or to ensure contract renewals.

With customer surveys and SMS or e-mail notifications, your client will know that you have things under control and their feedback will ensure your quality of service always remains beyond reproach. Monthly management reports will entrench your position with your client by instilling trust and showing them that you mean business.

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