Employee Management

Whether you're managing just two or two thousand employees, it can be a daunting task which is compounded further when those employees travel for the business.

With Crowded Igloo's Human Resources, Payroll and Expense Management, managing employees becomes a breeze. In addition to managing the usual HR requirements like Leave, Disciplinary Correspondence, and Payroll, the expense management module allows employees to manage their own expenses within budget. You can allow an employee to book their own accommodation and travel arrangements whilst keeping them within a budget. For example:

  • The Employee is allowed to book their own flight tickets, but they can't book a higher-grade class than allowed without first obtaining approval
  • A vehicle needs to be booked, but the budgeted class is not available, if the employee has a grace allocation, they could motivate the fact that there were no vehicles of their class available and justify the slightly higher expense without first obtaining approval
  • The Employee negotiates a better accommodation rate and reallocates their budget (if allowed) to the vehicle that was at a higher rate

At any stage within the month, it is possible to see how employees are allocating their budgets and proactively step in when discrepancies occur. An old example of this is always the salesman who has a high expense account for landing a contract, but the value of the contract does not justify the excessive entertainment expense. By managing employee's expenses, whether in a small business or a large enterprise, remains a critical factor in ensuring sustainable business practices.

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