Rain LTE Advanced

Do you want super-fast internet access?

Let us connect you with the best LTE solution. Our LTE-A solution is so simple. Just plug and play. Gone are the days of struggling with complicated set ups. No more Telkom. No more cables. No more landlord approval. None of that.

Getting connected is as easy as checking for Rain LTE coverage in your area, clicking on the enquire now button to order and once your router is delivered, insert the SIM and enjoy lightning fast internet.

Why choose LTE-A?

  • No more waiting: Once your service is activated and your router delivered, you are ready to go.
  • Lightning Fast: You can easily experience speeds between the range of 10 – 50Mbps.
  • On the go: This LTE-A device does not require a telephone line which means that you can take it wherever you go. (Provided you are within a Rain LTE covered area.)
  • State of the art Router: As part of our package we provide a state of the art router. It comes ready to use so once it arrives at your doorstep, all you need to do is insert the SIM card, power it up and you are set to go.
  • Plug and Play: As the SIM card is included, simply insert it into the router and you are ready for fast internet speeds.
  • Improved stability and reliability: Rain LTE is wireless so no more worrying about copper theft and slow speeds.

Rain LTE-A delivers a true fibre like experience and gives you the benefit of a network that is fast and reliable.

LTE Coverage Map

Enter your street address into the map below and if your house falls into the shaded area, then you are eligible for LTE.

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