With the ever expanding Fibre coverage areas, the availability of Fibre to all is fast becoming a reality.

Fibre is fast internet. Faster and more reliable than ADSL. With Fibre you don’t have to worry about getting a telephone line installed or copper theft or buffering or even who else is connected to the network. Fibre is better and Fibre is here to stay.

At Crowded Igloo, we have a Fibre solution for everyone. Whether you are sending emails, blogging daily, streaming movies, playing online games or taking your business to the next level, we have the solution to your Fibre requirements.

The benefits of Fibre include:

Up to 200Mbps

With up to 200Mbps at your fingertips, you can join the fibre revolution and future-proof your connection. Whatever you're doing, you'll love doing it.

VoIP capable

All our packages are VoIP capable which means you can use the internet to phone your loved ones, facilitate conference calls and enjoy lag free video calls.


Use as much bandwidth as you like, from streaming music and movies to backing up your PC or business server.


Don’t be fooled! While some ISPs may offer cheaper packages for the same speeds, you often get throttled to justify the price. We DON’T throttle!


We partnered with key network providers to ensure that we can offer you Fibre where you need it and at prices that are budget friendly. Get in touch with us today so we can get you connected to better and faster internet.

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