At Crowded Igloo, we only sell the highest speed DSL because we believe that you should get the connection you paid for. We don't differentiate between "home" and "business", we believe everyone deserves the same high-speed connection. If all you're looking for is a cheap internet connection, then you might find a cheaper connection elsewhere. If, however, you are looking for a serious broadband connection, our price and quality are unbeatable.

  • Uncapped means that you can use as much bandwidth as you like, from streaming music to backing up your business server, we'll give you as much bandwidth as you need.
  • Unlimited means that we don't do "soft caps" that limit your connection speed when you exceed a certain amount of bandwidth compared to some of our competitors.
  • Unshaped means that we don't give priority to certain things like e-mail while limiting your streaming video or downloads.

Our DSL Packages come in different shapes and sizes and there is a package to suit every budget. Make bad internet connections a thing of the past by investing in quality DSL today.

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