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Having the right hosting partner for your website is a lot like trying to find your soul mate. You need a company who takes your web presence as serious as your soul mate would take care of you. When your website goes down or if your website is slow, it can potentially result in loss of business.

Whether your website is developed in ASP.Net, PHP, Front Page or HTML, our hosting platform can cater to your needs. If you require a database with that, we can assist with a database for free.

Maybe you just want a blank domain so that your employees e-mail addresses all belong to the same domain, or maybe you are simply tired of changing your e-mail account each time you change Internet Service Providers, or maybe you feel like you can't change your current ISP because you are afraid of losing business by losing the e-mail account. We can help you set up a basic domain which will be used primarily for e-mail and you could even point your current ISP provided e-mail address to your new domain address. This will allow you to have a more professional image with your customers and instill a level of trust knowing that you plan to be here tomorrow. Click here to read more on E-Mail Hosting.

With every website (excluding parked domains), we also offer a number of free e-mail addresses. Parked domains, are when you simply want a domain name reserved because you are either planning to use it in the near future or wish to put the domain on hold, either way, we'll make sure you don't lose your domain. We also offer competitive rates for Virtual Private Servers to host your own Website(s) and E-mail Accounts if you grow too large. Click here to read more on Virtual Private Server Hosting.

Windows Hosting Price (excl. VAT) Price (incl. VAT)
Parked (DNS) R750 R855
200 Meg Hosting
400 Meg Traffic
2 E-mail Accounts
R8684 R9900
500 Meg Hosting
1GB Traffic
5 E-mail Accounts
R17369 R19800
1GB Hosting
2GB Traffic
10 E-mail Accounts
R30395 R34650
5GB Hosting
10GB Traffic
50 E-mail Accounts
R60788 R69298
10GB Hosting
20GB Traffic
100 E-mail Accounts
R1 06379 R1 21271
20GB Hosting
40GB Traffic
200 E-mail Accounts
R1 86164 R2 12226
1GB Website Backup R168 R192
10GB Website Backup R1628 R1856
50GB Website Backup R7862 R8963
Domains Price (excl. VAT) Price (incl. VAT)
Level 1 - co.za, org.za R6750 R7695
Level 2* - biz, cn, com, eu, in, info, name, net, org, pw, us R23491 R26780
Level 3* - email, me, mobi, pro, today R46983 R53561
Level 4* - cc, co, com.au (2Y), net.au (2Y) R64068 R73037
Level 5 - joburg R19500 R22230
* Pricing on these domains will be confirmed on date of invoice due to volatility in the exchange rate.

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