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Next to your exceptional product or service, the most important aspect of your business is customer service. You want your clients to experience the very best from your brand and continue to choose your brand above the rest. The first place we recommend you invest is your communications department. More specifically your phone system. When a client phones, this is usually their first encounter with your brand and they expect quick and efficient service. Your phone system will make or break your company. From a small enterprise to a large company the solution is the same. You need a hosted PBX system that will allow you to always give your client the best service and experience possible.

The benefits of a Hosted PBX system will significantly improve your client’s experience and your company’s efficiency. These benefits are:

Your client can reach your company during power outages!

This feature is incredible. Should you not answer your office phone, the call gets pushed to the next number on the provided list. During the day, this can be to the assistant manager or to your secretary or a specified cell phone. At night, this might be to the on-call phone or straight to the voicemail feature.

You get an Auto Attendant

An auto attendant is one of the hidden gems of a PBX solution. This feature allows callers to interact with a menu to choose an appropriate extension. Your business will suddenly seem more professional and impressive. Instead of now waiting for the receptionist to finish another call, the client has the option to choose which department they wish to talk to which leads to a more efficient system and in turn higher client satisfaction.

Your phone system grows with your company

As your team and your company grows, you will need more extensions. One of the most highlighted strengths of a Hosted PBX is that you can easily scale this system. You can choose how many extensions you require. If in future you need more, we add more. If you need less, we reduce it

You or your staff can work from anywhere

Your staff can be based in any geographical location and calls are routed as though they are in the office next door. This means that instead of telling your client to phone another number to reach that office, the receptionist can just transfer the call. This small action can save the client time and money which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Your missed calls become voicemails

In the event of a call not being answered, this feature records the client’s message in an audio file and then forwards it to your email address.

You receive automatic system upgrades

A Traditional PBX needs expensive cards and technical upgrades as time goes on and it costs you money to replace. Our Hosted PBX system is constantly being upgraded, at no cost or inconvenience to you.

You can record your calls

Whether you need to record the calls for training purposes, security or compliance reasons, this feature will allow you to record and store the calls in a secure location.

Your budget will not break

A Hosted PBX system saves you money around every corner. No need for the technician to come and set up an extension or add a phoneline. No more extra costs for international calls. No more ‘peak-hour’ charges. With the Hosted PBX, you are saving money which you can spend on other essentials like an updated website, or new signage or computer systems. You would be surprised at how little you would have to spend on a VoIP solution compared to setting up your own PBX system. We know that your company and your requirements are unique, we would prefer to sit down with you and put together a quotation and a PBX solution that best suits your requirements.

Bottom line

Give your business the competitive edge by acquiring a phone solution that ensures that your company projects the professional image you desire and gives your client the service they deserve with a hosted PBX system that will not fail.

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