E-mail Hosting

Having a professional e-mail hosting service is very affordable. It eliminates the need for in-house e-mail servers and IT people to manage those e-mail servers and e-mail hosting is used by most businesses. We manage the configuration of your mail accounts for you, including spam and virus protection.

By using e-mail hosting, you can have your own domain name, which means that instead of john.doe@someisp.co.za, your e-mail becomes john@mycompany.co.za. You instantly become more recognizable and to further enhance your security and freedom we can assist you with an e-mail authenticator allowing you to send your e-mail from any device and on any network.

With our hosting service, you pay only a small minimum monthly fee which gives you access to a host of services:

  • Webmail - Access your e-mail from anywhere in the world.
  • Auto-responder - Automatically respond to e-mails in a specific way like notifying senders that you will deal with their e-mail shortly.
  • Out-of-office - Let senders know you are unavailable at present, like when you are on holiday or in a meeting.
  • Forwarder - Automatically forward e-mails to your phone or a secretary.
  • Bulk E-mail - When sending large quantities of invoices, statements or other mail, a bulk e-mail service helps that you don't get blacklisted and your e-mails rejected.

Additional Services

E-mail Archiving

Every business is required to keep all business-related mail for a period of time dependent on the country. With our mail archiving service, your e-mail will automatically be backed up without any intervention on your part. Alternatively, should you wish more control over what is archived, simply turn off the auto-archive feature and forward selected mail to your archive server. But archiving all those e-mails is only the beginning, whether you must respond to a discovery situation or plan for an eventual request, we can help you find and manage your e-mails quickly and can even chain e-mails together to create a complete picture.

E-mail Branding

Having a great website means nothing if your e-mail communication is weak. We can help you make sure that your e-mails look just as stunning as your website and that all e-mails have the same look and feel to their communique no matter the device or the sender that sent them.

E-mail Cloaking

Having your e-mail harvested by spam bots or being sold by unscrupulous website owners is a growing issue worldwide. You eventually have to change your e-mail account or you have to put up with a growing amount of spam each day. Now, you can control your e-mail addresses visibility by using a cloaked e-mail address. As soon as you begin to receive too much spam from your cloaked account, you simply kill it and generate a new account. Whether you're signing up for an account at an untrusted website or displaying your e-mail address in a contact page on your web site, we can give you a randomly generated e-mail address which we will point to your real e-mail account. The e-mail address used on your website will look something like h49fl93k@cloakmymail.com and any e-mail sent to that address will automatically be forwarded to your real account. We don't keep a copy of your e-mails and we don't scan your e-mails, as it comes in, we simply forward it directly to your account and destroy the incoming data. As soon as you begin to receive too much spam from your cloaked account, you simply kill it and generate a new account. You can even configure multiple cloaked accounts for use at multiple sites so you can see which websites sold your information!

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