Cloud and Backup Services

Keeping your files safe is never an easy thing to do, but with Cloud Storage, we'll do the hard part for you. Everyone today has either lost files themselves or knows someone who has. Whether it occurs through hardware failure, theft, or accidental deletion, it's hard and time consuming to recuperate from.

Whether you are looking to safeguard your Family Photos or your Business Data, we'll help you keep your data safe. All files are encrypted as soon as they are received by the server so no one can read your files, not the developers and neither the support staff. Additionally, every file is stored in at least two locations and across multiple devices so you know you'll always have a backup. You can even request that your file(s) be stored across multiple datacenters which are situated in different continents!

Key Features

  • Safe and Secure Storage of all your pictures, videos, documents, etc

    • Every file is stored on at least 2 servers.
    • Request that your files be stored on up to 4 servers simultaneously in separate continents.
  • Split your storage space across and unlimited number of accounts

    • Perfect for families.
    • Great for business.
    • View allocated storage space, issue and take back space at will.
  • Decide who sees what

    • Set folders or files as publicly viewable with easy URLs to share with others.
    • Extra private files can be hidden or shown with a simple toggle switch.
  • Collaborate

    • Work together as a team on the same document at the same time.
  • Available anywhere

    • Web based access to your files from anywhere in the world.
    • Device specific applications available soon for every device and operating system.
  • Version History

    • Keep a history of your files by default.
    • Keep longer histories of critical files, up to unlimited.
  • Version Control

    • Keep drafts separate from publications.
    • Full review process with requests and comments.
    • Future release support, great for having specials release on a specific date or time.
  • Mailer

    • Automatically e-mail notifications whenever a change occurs.
    • Distribute publications as soon as they become available.
  • Application Programming Interface

    • Link your existing business applications to enable attachments right from within your system.
Cloud Storage Price (excl. VAT) Price (incl. VAT)
10GB Cloud Storage R2528 R2881
25GB Cloud Storage R6107 R6962
50GB Cloud Storage R11794 R13445
100GB Cloud Storage R22745 R25929
250GB Cloud Storage R54755 R62420
500GB Cloud Storage R1 05298 R1 20039
1TB Cloud Storage R2 02171 R2 30475
Cloud Backup Price (excl. VAT) Price (incl. VAT)
100GB Cloud Backup R15163 R17286
250GB Cloud Backup R36503 R41613
500GB Cloud Backup R70199 R80027
1TB Cloud Backup R1 34780 R1 53650
Workstation R6086 R6939
Virtual Machine R10144 R11564
Server R44634 R50883

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