The only place throttling belongs, is in an action movie… Preferably a good one… Starring the indestructible Chuck Norris…

Chuck sees bad guy throttling someone. Chuck and his side kick pursue bad guy to a dark alley… Chuck scowls from under his cowboy hat, his eyes staring down the scumbag; bad guy gulps. The camera goes in for a close up of…

Annoying, right?

You’re supposed to be on a 10 meg line but the speed test says it’s not even a fraction of that! WHAT THE FUDGE!

Someone phone the internet service provider!

3 months, 10 days and 14 hours later and you STILL have the same problem.

By now your swear jar is full and your cat videos are so far behind you might as well give up. Your online gaming is no longer fun and you’ve had to cancel your Netflix subscription.

Well no more! Like you, we hate buffering. We believe that you should get the connection you pay for. We don’t compromise on quality which means we DON’T throttle.

When you sign up for our data plans we’ll keep you running at full throttle. From playing games online with your friends, to running your company, we’ve got you covered!

Say goodbye to unwanted throttling and hello to a happy and stable internet connection.

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